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Ashley Coltrane

Andover Area Director

Ashley is ​ responsible for leading the area strategy and staff, ​ recruiting leaders, and currently leads Young Life at Andover High and ​ Wyldlife for the Andover area. ​ She also leads the development of the ​ committee, community, and ​ financial support for the ministry.


Madison Wilson

Andover Central Young Life Mission Staff

Madison ​ is the Team Leader for Andover Central Young Life. She supervises the ministry team ​ for the school and is also involved in leader recruitment and ​ fundraising for the ministry and camp scholarships. ​ ​ Madison and her husband, Brent, welcomed their first child, Heidi, in August 2019 and their second child, Graham, in 2021. ​



Alexis Rivers

Student Staff/Wyldlife

How can you help the Andover Area?

  • We need volunteer leaders for WyldLife that are 18 or older. It’s the best of both worlds - discipling high school students as they learn to disciple middle school students.
  • Come serve on our Andover Committee! We need adults in our community that love Young Life and are willing to help us fundraise, plan events throughout the year, and support our leaders as they invest in the lives of students in Andover.
  • Help us send kids to camp! We are traveling to North Carolina for Young Life camp this summer - we need help making this week affordable for kids. We are hoping to raise $10,000 to cover our bus costs in hopes of minimizing student cost.

Please contact Ashley Coltrane at​ if you are interested in helping. ​

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